Erik Reinertsen

Biomedical informatics and machine learning


2012-19 MD Emory University School of Medicine Medical Scientist Training Program

2014-17 PhD Georgia Institute of Technology Biomedical Engineering; minor in Statistics

2007-11 BS University of California, Los Angeles Bioengineering; option in Chemical Engineering


2018-now UCSF – Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care Identifying pre- and intra-operative predictors of postoperative cognitive dysfunction, as well as associated patterns of gene expression. Advised by Odmara Barreto Chang, MD, PhD

2014-17 Emory University – Department of Biomedical Informatics Thesis titled Dichotomizing illness from cardiovascular and locomotor activity time series. Areas of study included machine learning, statistics, and information theory. Advised by Gari Clifford, DPhil and Shamim Nemati, PhD.

2009-12 UCLA – Department of Bioengineering Developed fibrin hydrogels for dermal cell delivery, nanoparticle–based imaging of stem cells, and computational modeling of oxygen transport and osteoblast growth in polymer scaffolds. Advised by Bill Tawil, PhD, MBA and Benjamin Wu, DDS, PhD.


2018-now Intern at Takeda Ventures, an early-stage life science venture capital firm. Work with senior partner David Shaywitz, MD, PhD. Source and evaluate investment opportunities in data science and technology startups. Curate relevant news, publications, and technology trends for internal stakeholders at Takeda Pharma.

2015-16 Medical student advisor for Doximity the largest HIPAA-secure medical network in the United States. Provided feedback on new product concepts such as Residency Navigator, and attended annual physician advisory board meetings.

2014-16 Cofounder of Forge Health, a 501(c)(3) non–profit that funded five startup pilots at Emory and the VA Medical Center. Led ten volunteers, raised $40K, organized the first two healthcare hackathons in Atlanta and dozens of smaller events. In 2016 merged with Sling Health, a technology incubator.

2009-12 Cofounder of the UCLA chapter of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. Provided students with career opportunities in the biotechnology & pharmaceutical industry by hosting research fairs, skills workshops, site tours, and recruiting events.


Submitted Cakmak, A., Reinertsen, E., Nemati, S., Clifford, G.D. Benchmarking changepoint detection algorithms on cardiac time series.

Siegel, B., Cakmak, A., Reinertsen, E., Benoit, M., Figueroa, J., Clifford, G.D., Phan, H. Use of a wearable device to assess sleep and motor function in Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


Cakmak, A., Reinertsen, E., Taylor, H.A., Shah, A.J., Clifford, G.D. Personalized heart failure severity estimates using passive smartphone data. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data.

Lee, M., Perry, L., Reinertsen, E., Boyd, J.B., Granzow, J.W. Simple pedicled flaps for complex defects of the head, neck, and lower extremity. Advances in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Reinertsen, E., Shashikumar, S.P., Nemati, S., Clifford, G.D. Multiscale network dynamics between heart rate and locomotor activity are altered in schizophrenia. Physiological Measurement.

Liu, C., Oster, J., Reinertsen, E., Li, Q., Zhao, L., Nemati, S., Clifford, G.D. Comparison of entropy approaches for atrial fibrillation discrimination. Physiological Measurement.

Reinertsen, E., Clifford, G.D. A review of physiological and behavioral monitoring with digital sensors for neuropsychiatric illnesses. Physiological Measurement.


Reinertsen, E., Neill, S.G., Nael, K., Brat, D.J., Hadjipanayis, C.G. Meningioma with tyrosine–rich crystalloids: a case report and review of the literature. International Journal of Surgical Pathology.

Reinertsen, E., Mohan, A., Fusaro, A.M. An elective course for medical students on innovation and entrepreneurship. bioRxiv.

Reinertsen, E., Osipov, M., Liu, C., Kane, J.M., Petrides, G., Clifford, G.D. Continuous assessment of schizophrenia using accelerometer and heart rate data. Physiological Measurement.

Reinertsen, E., Nemati, S., Vest, A.N., Vaccarino, V., Lampert, R., Shah, A.J., Clifford, G.D. Heart rate–based window segmentation improves accuracy of classifying posttraumatic stress disorder using heart rate variability measures. Physiological Measurement.


DeSimone, A.K., Haydek, J.P., Sudduth, C.L., LaBarbera, V., Desai, Y., Reinertsen, E., Manning, K.D. Encouraging student interest in teaching through a medical student teaching competition. Academic Medicine.

Celano, E., Salehani, A., Malcolm, J.G., Reinertsen, E., Hadjipanayis, C.G. Spinal cord ependymoma: a review of the literature and case series of ten patients. Journal of Neuro–Oncology.


Lee, M., Reinertsen, E., McClure, E., Lie, S., Tanna, N., Boyd, J.B., Granzow, J.W. Surgeon motivations behind the timing of breast reconstruction in patients requiring postmastectomy radiation therapy. Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery.

Lee, M., McClure, E., Reinertsen, E., Granzow, J.W. Lymphedema of the upper extremity following supraclavicular lymph node harvest. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


Reinertsen, E., Skinner, M., Wu, B.M., Tawil, B. Concentration of fibrin and presence of plasminogen affect proliferation, fibrinolytic activity, and morphology of human fibroblasts and keratinocytes in three-dimensional fibrin constructs. Tissue Engineering Part A.


Kim, J.W., Reinertsen, E. Advances in three-dimensional printing for engineering human tissue. UCLA Undergraduate Science Journal.


2018 Clifford, G.D., Cakmak, A., Shah, A.J., Reinertsen, E. System for assessing health severity and predicting readmissions. United States Provisional Patent Application No. 62/777,029.

2016 Clifford, G.D., Reinertsen, E., Shah, A.J., Nemati, S. System for tracking cardiovascular stress and PTSD. United States Provisional Patent Application No. 62/433,066 / International PCT Application No. PCT/US2017/059490.

Talks, Posters, & Abstracts

2018 Cakmak, A., Reinertsen, E., Nemati, S., Clifford, G.D. Benchmarking changepoint detection algorithms on cardiac time series. Southern Data Science Conference. Orlando, FL. 2018.

2017 Siegel, B., Cakmak, A., Reinertsen, E., Benoit, M., Figueroa, J., Clifford, G.D., Phan, H. Rest–activity patterns in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Parent Project Muscular Dystropy Connect Conference. Chicago, IL.


Reinertsen, E. Forging collaboration between entrepreneurs, clinicians, engineers, and patients. Stanford Medicine X. Stanford, CA. Link to video

Reinertsen, E., Palmius, N. Song, C., Danon, L., Saemundsdottir, G., Magnusson, O., Vigfusson, Y., Clifford, G.D. Mobile phone activity and population movement during an influenza A(H1N1) outbreak in Iceland. Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology Summer School at the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute. Oxford, UK.

Reinertsen, E., Rawal, A., Saldanha, C. A novel EMR user interface with integrated physician task management. Spring Convergence Innovation Competition Finalists Showcase. Atlanta, GA.


Reinertsen, E. How to win the Inventathon: thoughts on innovation, unmet clinical needs, and leadership. UCLA Inventathon. Los Angeles, CA.


Reinertsen, E., Wu, B.M. Enhancing cell viability by controlling oxygen diffusion–consumption via cell distribution. Amgen Scholars US Symposium. Los Angeles, CA.

Reinertsen, E., Skinner, M., Wu, B.M., Tawil, B. Comparison of fibrinolytic protease activity and collagen production of keratinocytes and fibroblasts cultured in 3D fibrin matrices. Wound Healing Society Annual Meeting. Orlando, FL.


Reinertsen, E., Duong, H., Wu, B.M., Tawil, B. 3D fibrin composition affects human fibroblast proliferation and fibrinolysis. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society. Orlando, FL.

Leadership & Service

2018-now Reviewer – Physiological Measurement (journal)

2016-17 Medical student advisor – Medicine X at Stanford University

2014-15 Founding organizer – Korean–American Technology Entrepreneurship Forum at Los Angeles & Boston

2014 Mentor & invited speaker – Inventathon Healthcare Hackathon at UCLA

2011-17 Conference organizer – Korean–American Scientists and Engineers Association annual meeting

2011 Assistant research editor – Undergraduate Science Journal at UCLA & Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Press Mentions

2018 AI Doesn’t Ask Why – But Physicians And Drug Developers Want To Know. Forbes

2017 What smartwatches and other wearables can’t track today— but might in the future. CNBC

Why tech companies hire chief medical officers. Forbes

Big data with heart, for psychiatric disorders. Emory University

2014 Tech, Emory students launch medical technology incubator. Georgia Tech


2015-16 Teaching assistant – BMED 3520: Systems biology and computational modeling at Georgia Tech
2017-18 Founding instructor – Journal club at Department of Biomedical Informatics, Emory SOM
2017 Teaching assistant – Evidence-based medicine problem-based learning session at Emory SOM
2014-15 Founding instructor – Elective in innovation and entrepreneurship at Emory SOM
2014-16 Founding organizer – Medical student teaching competition at Emory SOM
2012-13 Director – Transcript & learning objectives service at Emory SOM
2011-12 Tutor – BE 120: Biotransport phenomena & bioreaction processes at UCLA Engineering
2011 Tutor – Mathematics, physics, & chemistry at UCLA Engineering

Other Activities

2016 Workshop organizer Emory Exposome Summer Course – Atlanta, GA
2015-16 Invited participant Doximity Leadership Summit – San Francisco, CA
2012 Study abroad Korea University – Seoul, South Korea
2010-12 Emergency Medicine Research Associate at UCLA
2008-10 Volunteer & EMT–B UCLA Department of Emergency Medicine
2010 US ambassador Young Generation Forum leadership conference – Daegu, South Korea


2016 Korean–American Scientists and Engineers Association Graduate Scholarship
Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans – Finalist
2015 David Z. Cowan Scholarship – Georgia Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
Stanford Medicine X Student Leadership Program Scholarship
Amgen Scholars Alumni Travel Award
Phoenix Award for best industry and academic collaboration – Georgia Bio
2012 Cum Laude – UCLA
Edie Wasserman Memorial Senior Prize – UCLA
2011 Tau Beta Pi
Wasserman Foundation Scholar – UCLA
Amgen Scholar
Engineering Achievement Award for Student Welfare – UCLA
Dean’s Prize for Research – UCLA
Korean–American Scientists and Engineers Association Undergraduate Scholarship
2010 Oppenheimer Foundation Scholar – UCLA
2009-11 Dean’s List – UCLA
2009 Undergraduate Research Fellowship – UCLA
2006 Eagle Scout with Silver Palm

Skills & Interests