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Venture capital

I am an intern at Takeda Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm within a large pharma company. I work with Senior Partner David Shaywitz, MD, PhD.

We invest in startups that use data science and technology to discover, evaluate, or deliver impactful new treatments for patients.

Startups that are especially compelling:

  • Solve a relevant pharma problem.
  • Are led by founders with expertise in tech and pharma.
  • Focus on pragmatic implementation (vs tech development).

Categories of interest include:

  • Digital biology: target identification, lead generation, imaging.
  • Clinical evidence: siteless trials, data fusion, phenotyping.
  • Patient engagement: empowerment, education, digital therapeutics.

If you are a founder, or researcher who wants to translate your work from the lab to the clinic, please get in touch!

Emory data science & technology (DST)

I work with Emory DST, an initiative to catalyze data science collaborations between students, researchers, clinicians, engineers, and data scientists across Emory and Georgia Tech. We are creating a database of projects, and organizing a ‘‘Think Tank’’ event.

Past activities

In 2014 I co-founded Forge, a non-profit that provided startups with funding, mentors, and assistance with clinical pilots. In 2016 Forge merged with Sling Health, a biomedical technology incubator with a national presence (see blog post).

At Emory I created an elective course for medical students on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Medicine and ran it for two years.

At UCLA I founded and led a chapter of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. We were the first organization to provide students with career opportunities in biotechnology and pharma.