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Venture capital

I source and diligence startups for Takeda Ventures, Inc. (TVI), an early-stage venture capital firm within Takeda Pharmaceuticals. I work with Senior Partner David Shaywitz, MD, PhD. Previously I interned at TVI.

TVI invests in startups that use data science and technology (DST) to discover, evaluate, or deliver impactful new treatments for patients.

We think compelling startups:

  • Solve a relevant pharma problem.
  • Are led by founders with expertise in tech and pharma.
  • Focus on pragmatic implementation (vs tech development).

Categories of interest include:

  • Digital biology: target identification, lead generation, imaging.
  • Clinical evidence: siteless trials, data fusion, phenotyping.
  • Patient engagement: empowerment, education, digital therapeutics.

If you are a founder, or researcher who wants to translate your work from the lab to the clinic, please get in touch!

Past industry activities

In 2014 I co-founded Forge, a non-profit that provided startups with funding, mentors, and assistance with clinical pilots. In 2016 Forge merged with Sling Health, a biomedical technology incubator with a national presence (see blog post).

At Emory I created an elective course for medical students on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Medicine and ran it for two years.

At UCLA I founded and led a chapter of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. We were the first organization to provide students with career opportunities in biotechnology and pharma.