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I am a postdoctoral research fellow at MGH and MIT. My advisors are Aaron Aguirre (MGH Cardiology), Brandon Westover (MGH Neurology), and Collin Stultz (MIT RLE, EECS, CSAIL, HST, and MGH Cardiology).

We build machine learning algorithms to read ECGs, predict cardiovascular emergencies from physiological time series data, and phenotype shock.

I am also affiliated with the Healthcare Transformation Lab at MGH, which was created to improve the experience and value of health care by inspiring collaborative innovation and leveraging novel technologies.

I did my PhD at Georgia Tech. My thesis research focused on signal processing and machine learning on time series data from wearable devices. My advisors were Gari Clifford, Shamim Nemati, and Amit Shah.

Prior to my MD/PhD training, I studied Bioengineering at UCLA. In the lab I developed cellularized fibrin hydrogels for dermal wound healing, nanoparticles for imaging cells, and computational diffusion-reaction models of oxygen transport and cell growth. My advisors were Bill Tawil and Benjamin Wu.

My papers are available at Google Scholar.