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I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Mass General and MIT. My advisors are Aaron Aguirre, Brandon Westover, and Collin Stultz.

We develop deep learning approaches for several projects:

  • Inference of diagnoses and novel outcomes from 12-lead ECGs
  • Prediction of cardiac shock or arrest from ICU time series data
  • Stratification of outcomes after cardiac surgical procedures

I am affiliated with:

I did my PhD at Georgia Tech. I worked on signal processing and machine learning applied to time series data from wearable devices. My advisors were Gari Clifford, Shamim Nemati, and Amit Shah.

Prior to my MD/PhD training, I studied Bioengineering at UCLA. I developed cellularized fibrin hydrogels for dermal wound healing, nanoparticles for imaging cells, and computational diffusion-reaction models of oxygen transport and cell growth. My advisors were Bill Tawil and Benjamin Wu.

My papers are available at Google Scholar.