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No match this year

This year I did not enter the residency match after applying to research-track anesthesiology programs.

Several factors limited where I applied: interests, significant other, and geography. I am interested in academic programs that foster my interests in biomedical informatics, machine learning, venture capital, and technology commercialization. My fiancée, a dental student at UCSF, applied to orthodontics residency as an international student (which is insanely competitive). Medical and dental residency applicants cannot couples match together. We prefer the West Coast or Northeast for friends, family, and culture.

I applied to UCSF, Stanford, UW, UCLA, Cornell, Columbia, MGH, Brigham, and Beth Israel. I interviewed at UW, UCLA, Cornell, and Columbia. Later, my fiancée matched to Boston University. I am very proud of her for this significant accomplishment. Unfortunately, I was rejected from MGH, Brigham, and Beth Israel. I heard my medical school GPA and USMLE scores were not high enough.

After four years of being in a long-distance relationship, we were tired of time zone mismatches, FaceTime calls, and coast-to-coast plane flights. Thus I decided to not enter the match, and will move with my fiancée to Boston in July. Several reasons make this a fortuitous location. I have a relationship with Takeda which is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. Thanks to my mentor David Shaywitz, I am exploring the opportunity to do a postdoc with an exceptional group at Harvard where I would continue working on biomedical informatics and machine learning. Finally, Boston has the strongest life science research, entrepreneurship, and venture capital ecosystem.

I am excited to immerse myself in this vibrant intellectual environment. However, I have also grown to deeply enjoy patient care, medical education, and scholarly breadth, so I am still considering residency.