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Digital sensors in smartphones and wearables measure huge quantities of data, such as heart rate (HR) and accelerometry time series.

However, simple metrics such as resting HR and total step count do not describe structure, complexity, or how information varies with time scale or transfers between different signals.

In my PhD I used machine learning, statistics, and information theory to show classification of illness using features from HR and activity time series is improved by considering information over several time scales and between signals.

My advisor was Gari Clifford, DPhil. We patented some of our work and licensed it to a medical technology company.

I also published papers on medical education, neuro-oncology, plastic surgery, and biomaterials.


Also see my Google Scholar page.

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  • Erik Reinertsen, Arun Mohan, and Angela Fusaro. An elective course for medical students on innovation and entrepreneurship. bioRxiv. 2017. [Link] [PDF]

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  • Ariadne K DeSimone, John P Haydek, Christopher L Sudduth, Vincent LaBarbara, Yaanik Desai, Erik Reinertsen, and Kimberly D Manning. Encouraging Student Interest in Teaching Through a Medical Student Teaching Competition. Academic Medicine. 2017. [Link] [PDF]

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  • Erik Reinertsen, Michael Skinner, Benjamin M Wu, and Bill Tawil. Concentration of fibrin and presence of plasminogen affect proliferation, fibrinolytic activity, and morphology of human fibroblasts and keratinocytes in 3D fibrin constructs. Tissue Engineering Part A. 2014. [Link] [PDF]


  • Data visualization
  • ECG and accelerometer data analysis
  • Information & graph theory
  • Rest-activity characteristics of accelerometer data
  • Heart rate variability measures
  • Cross-validation, feature selection, and regularization
  • Regression, clustering, and supervised learning algorithms


Matlab, Python, Unix, , HTML/CSS/JS

Check out my GitHub, although most repos are currently private.

Advisors & collaborators