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New role at Prometheus

I am excited to announce my new role as Director of Data Science and Engineering at Prometheus Biosciences – a rocketship of a life science startup in San Diego that seeks to develop computational methods for GI immunology, clinical disease phenotyping, companion diagnostics, and therapeutic discovery. I will develop the road map for how the company organizes, accesses, and analyzes biomedical and clinical data, as well as the software infrastructure to do so, and recruit and lead the technical team.

The timing is fortuitious – a close friend from medical school (who in fact recruited me to this role) just joined Prometheus as Chief of Staff to the CEO. The company raised $130M of funding, has collaborations and data from several academic medical centers, and needs modern technology infrastructure to enables the vision of precision medicine.

Prometheus has scientific domain strength in immunology, GI, genomics, etc., which certainly differs from my prior work in physiological signal processing and ML applied to cardiovascular disease and critical care. However, I have developed expertise in how to organize data, code, and teams aligned around common scientific pursuits. I have worked with and led small teams of technical people to perform computational analyses. I have also deepened my appreciation for the clinical context from which these data are gleaned 12.

I am incredibly pumped for this opportunity to grow professionally as a leader, and positively impact the lives of patients using data and technology. The team at Prometheus is fantastic and has tremendous ambition and depth. It also can be interesting to take some risks with one’s career.

Over the next few weeks, I will conclude work at MGH and MIT and transition to this new role. I am grateful to my advisors, Aaron Aguirre and Collin Stultz, my colleagues, and our collaborators for preparing me for this next step. Until 2022, I will work remotely (and build a remote team) and be based in Boston; we will move to San Diego after my wife graduates residency here.

If you are working in any of the following fields – software engineering, product, design, data science, ML, DL, informatics, genomics, immunology, companion diagnostics, etc. – and you want to make an impact, I’d love to talk! We will soon grow the team, and this is going to be big.